abogado administrativo girona

During the first visit, before we take any action, we will provide you with an estimation of the total cost of our services and fees.

Procedures against the administration

We protect your rights and interests before the administration, both if you have been subjected to a fine or if, on the other hand, want to exercise a legitimate right. Contracting our services offers a constant and personalized follow-up, keeping you on touch with the latest developments and the state of the procedure, to guarantee the best exercise of your rights.

The administrative process often has very short action windows, and therefore is vital to count on a specialized lawyer who can analyze your case at such short notices. Even if sometimes the lawyer intervention is not mandatory to bring up and present alegations, a correct legal counsel can help you avoid several setbacks derivated from the actual operation of the administration’s work.

Freelance fiscality

At Lex Girona we offer a full service package for freelance workers, which includes filing of all taxes forms (IVA, IRPF, third parties declaration,…), judicial claim of unpaid bills, and full legal counseling, for a payment of a fixed monthly fee.

Our Freelancer Accounting plan includes the friendly negotiation and judicial demand of unpaid bills without any extra charges for you. Every third month, we’ll send you a summary of your accounting, gains and losses, so that you may known the economical evolution of your business.


  • Fines recourse
  • Monetary resposability
  • Urban law
  • Administrative fines


  • IAE registration
  • IV paymentA
  • IRPF declaration
  • Fractioned payments
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