Budget estimation without compromise

During the first visit, before we take any action, we will provide you with an estimation of the total cost of our services and fees.

Specialized in residence permits and nationality

The hiring of a lawyer specialized in migration law guarantees you that your procedures will be expedited and the legal standards for administrative action, upheld. This procedures are rather formal, and many times hiring a specialized lawyer becomes essential, if not mandatory.

Our firms has specialists in all procedures pertaining to this field of law, and the related administrative and judicial recourse. We study your situation and present you the most adequated solution, on the shorted possible term. We are aware of the uncertainity in which a foreigner lives, and thus, with the hiring of services, you’ll see your situation taken care of and expedited.


  • Nationality via residence
  • Nationaly via nature grant
  • Nationality via state possession
  • Nationality via option


  • Temporary residence
  • Long-term residence
  • Family regroupment
  • Arraigo (Rooting)
  • UE citizen family member card


  • Entry and exit of Spain
  • Studies stay
  • Prorrogation of stay
  • Volunteering or non-labor practices stay
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