abogado laboral girona

Budget estimation without compromise

During the first visit, before we take any action, we will provide you with an estimation of the total cost of our services and fees.

Expert lawyers in counseling workers and companies

Because of the current economic situation and fear, many workers refuse to exercise their legitimate rights. At Lex Girona we offer full legal counseling to both workers and businessmen.

With the objective to avoid overloading the courts, our laws force to perform a conciliation between the company and the worker, to try and solve their difference outside them. Our lawyers will acompany you during the whole procedure, both during this phase and the contentious one. Many times, the disagreements between both sides can be solved peacefully in the first phase, without need to rely on the courts, and at Lex Girona we have lawyers specialists both in mediation and labor law.


  • Firings
  • Demand of pay, vacations and other rights
  • Inability and work accidents
  • Contract modification


  • Contracts
  • Disciplinary regime
  • Labour risks prevention
  • Penal businessman responsability


  • Joining
  • Contributions
  • Permanent or total inability
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